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  3. Hey guys, just played a game with insane/challenge mode and the frog waves were messed up. Frogs kept spawning all the time and for each frog i leaked i got the "wave completed" notice and got points for beating the wave.
  4. Interesting. I will take a look.
  5. I will look into the rainbow defense. Regarding spiral map, probably not :(.
  6. Thanks for that feedback. We may very well adjust the networth bonus. We want both strategies to be viable.
  7. I ran a simple tests to try and find out, I did a simple no frills build on normal and ran it once in my usual fashion of buying time and building interest, and then again trying to rush it and kill each wave in one long pass. On my long game I ended it with a score of 243,200, a speed modifier of 0.8, and a net worth of 97,360. Then when I did my rush build I got a score of 339,099, a speed modifier of 1.3, and a net worth of 71884! I was blown away by the difference! So it appears playing fast is far superior to playing for net worth. I had been playing the interest game since way back when interest was an element you could buy and hoarding cash was the way to go, so I never assumed the best way to play changed. I was going to run the test a few more times to make sure, but with the spread beings so big I don't think the result would change much. Anyway, thought I'd share so others know and don't make my mistake. Maybe you can add something about that to a tips screen or something.
  8. Hi guys, love the work you're still doing after all this time. I've been playing since the beginning (remember rainbow towers and interesting towers?) and had fun helping you with the starcraft version testing a little bit. Anyway I just wanted to say I've been having a great time with the mobile version, I love the double speed and skip to next wave features! Anyway here's my question: I haven't been trying to hard to get a high score till recently and now that I am, I'd like to know more about how they work. I usually do builds that really take their time such as far right side on grove (numpad 6) and slow towers, always making sure to have the creeps make two passes so I get maximum interest, but now I'm wondering if that is helping my score or not. The speed bonus is based on how fast the wave dies, and not if you have the double speed on, right? And if the score awards me for both net-worth and speed, has anyone done any kind of testing to see which provides the bigger score, trying to kil the waves asap versus dragging it on to get more interest ticks? I'm just curious if anyone knows before I do the testing myself.
  9. I'm having the same problem and as WindStrike said, there's a short key available. I like the classic interface and I think the new is a more confusing in terms of user friendly. It makes some time for me to get used to it. طراحی سایت
  10. Version 1.9.1.
  11. What version? Could you post a screenshot?
  12. Thank you for reporting that. We'll look into it and hopefully have a fix soon!
  13. Same for me. It's the only achievement that I can't accomplish with 4 starts and it really hurts my OCD, lol. Also, any plans for including "Beat a game on the Spiral map"?
  14. Why is that the outlines are thickened? For example, the Undead aura. The aura now looks like a pure violet aura. Before, it has drawings in it. And the Regen aura, it became white. And for towers like Hail, Quake, Vapor, Ice and Nova, when they attack, the game lags a bit because of the thickening of the outlines.
  15. I have made several high scores in the Android full version about a week ago, but none of them is displayed in the global high score table. But when I got a high score in the Steam version, it was instantly inserted in this table. What may be the problem?
  16. I'm pretty busy for the next few weeks but should be able to fix it towards the end of June.
  17. The tower placement visuals have been bugged for a while now (because of some dota patch last month)
  18. FROGS : best score with 0 frog kill ???? bug ???
  19. It's been almost 4 months since a patch
  20. It seems that any cannon and arrow towers that have been given an elemental upgrade will lose their upgrades upon loading a saved game, and the gold spent to upgrade them is not refunded. I've tested it several times. For the record, I'm running the latest paid version on a galaxy s7 with the latest Android OS
  21. Is there any way to prevent game to stop running(pause) when we change windows? I want to alt+tab sometimes and let the game keep playing, else I can't do anything on computer when playing. I feel many people do multitask like me when using computer desktop.
  22. Fixes Tower Table UI issue.
  23. This issue has been fixed in the latest update. Thank you for reporting it.
  24. currently playing through every possible combination of 4 elements in express mode UPDATE: All 15 combinations are included in the playlist below.
  25. This is not a huge advice but it might help a little bit. I should the replace php variables like this : " WHERE m.version = '".VERSION."' " to something like : " WHERE m.version = :version " and set the ":version" value in the code later before you execute. The DB will get more performance because this will your query is always the same. in your approach you change the query everytime so the Db need to do all the parse again, in my example we just change the value not the query and this can save same processing time. Also if you need to keep historic data from your tables, my adivice is not create something new everytime, just create a flag like FL_VISIBLE to ignore the old version registers.After that you might create index that will help your query to work faster.Once you do the same query over and over again you should create an index in the fields that you use there, so it will become faster. I hope that this help you to improve your results. Kind Regards,
  26. Can you provide reproduction steps for this issue?
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