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VH AR 4 Element Almost complete, Got Struck by Bug

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EDFW was the build, one of the easier. died at evil children but I guess I wouldn't have died if there wasn't a bug to strike be earlier on. Was playing 1.21b cause this pc wasn't able to update, not sure why, so only the one with ever-craft or version-changer can view. The bug attacked me first at level 41 by selling my mire towers when i selected to sell something else. I guessed it was a mis-click until it happened again, and again. wen i sold my temporary hydro-towers my mire's got sold to, and if i upgraded one muck into mire, the 2 of them got upgraded. it lead both to a mass leak at lv 41 which took the lives i would have needed for lv 60. also made me feel unsafe, and i didn't dare to do a defense with relocated pure waters. (yep i got water at 3)

I also got nature 1 and nature 2 at lv 50 and 55 but ignored 'em to test the 4ele build out.

I must say i played fairly well until lv 35 as far as i remember :) interest farming quite a lot but at a rather good speed.

If to comment on the bug rather than the game, please do so here:


EDWF automatic sell and upgrade bug.w3g

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