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Hi, big fan of the EleTd genre, keep up the good work :)

I have been playing the mobile EleTd for some time now and i am really wondering how people score over 2 million points. Not asking for a complete solution, just a hint or some tips maybe :D

For example i played Ruins on insane +rush/random/caos without leaking till past wave 55, survived till wave 61 and scored somewhere around 1.5 million. Current global place 2 has more than 5million score on same map/difficulty and reached wave 62. Where does that giant difference come from? 

This has been asked before but no sulutions were offered and its bugging me enough to ask again, sry :D

Sry if i messed up some grammar/spelling, not a native english speaker :)

Thx in advance for any answeres, if your reading this, have a nice day! :)

Edit: Maximising the speed multiplier doesnt do the trick eather ^^

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There is a lot of cheating going on there are scores of 5 million in express. No way you get 5 million in classic on level 62 anyway.


if you want to break 2 million here are some tips:


-the map matters. Larger maps means the creeps take longer to reach the exit, this means it is easier to get low speed multipliers. Try lava it’s the smallest, and  adjust your towers accordingly.


- chaos/random do not affect score, these just make the game much more challenging; if you want to go for score you need gold towers so you can’t reliably pull this off with random, chaos only matters in the first 5 levels so you can keep this on if you like.

- gold towers are key early

- runic towers are key late

- you need all six elements

- the way I broke 2m was starting with blue brown so I could make geyser into ephemeral. You won’t break 3m with that strat but you can definitely break 2m easy.

legit scores are quite a bit lower than the leaderboard scores. Here’s what my board looks like :









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Edit: still trying to break level 72, if I can get past 72 I’m sure I can break 4m. But I’m not even close and not sure that it’s possible. The 25% aoe heal on 30m health is rediculous.

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can you may give us more information, how you get such much points?

I tried it with fire/dark/earth/ light and it was tough to get to wave 58 (Very hard, no rush)


Do you place the towers in first row in Lava? Why should I need all elements? Do you sell towers in the end?


Questions over questions :-D



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Depends on what you are doing, express will need a different build than what classic needs. Also there is more than one way to do it so it depends on what you are most comfortable with. Here’s some tips to help you break 2m


classic: I typically build cannons until 7, then two light then sell the cannons on 8 upgrade one light tower to lightning and one to atom from there you gotta figure out the rest

elemenal order tip : light,earth,Fire,earth,fire,light,dark,water,nature,water,dark


express: vapor and three level two water cannon towers sell them at level 5 and upgrade the vapor tower to ethereal tower from there u gotta figure it out .


elemental order tip: water,earth,nature,fire,light,dark,light,fire,earth,water,dark

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