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Prepare for obliteration!

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A test build (played in ETD Test with tier 3 triples) featuring obliteration, disease, pure nature with enchantment, roots and trickery for support. 



Approximate build order:


Light 1, Darkness 1

Nature 1


First 5 waves are played with light and darkness cannons, until the obliteration tower for wave 6.


Nature 2


This is mostly a defensive cover for elemental weakness


Darkness 2


Upgrade to disease 2.


Light 2


Upgrade to Obliteration 2 and build a trickery 2.


Nature 3


Upgrade to nature 3.


Darkness 3


Upgrade to disease 3.


Light 3


Upgrade to obliteration 3 and trickery 3.


Earth 1


Upgrade to pure nature, build a incantation and roots tower.


Earth 2, convert essence for Earth 3.


Upgrade to incantation 3 and roots 3.



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