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Idea for a Re-Work to Trickery Towers

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Trickery towers are clunky and unpredictable.


They eat up ALOT of space, and in a game where positioning frequently matters, this can cause problems.  It works out pretty well at the moment because trickery typically blends with long range towers that are less picky about their positioning (Just imagine trying to do trickery towers + quake towers >_>).


I'd personally like it if Trickery towers simply transformed into their target towers.  Rather than clogging up spaces with tower copies, they would just morph themselves into said towers; which makes it much easier to plan for the use of a trickery tower; while also making trickery towers consistent from levels 1 through 3.


The new trickery would be fixed at 15 second cool-down, 15 second transformation duration; and then copied towers could not be copied for 60 seconds just like currently.


The transformed tower would have substantially modified damage though.


Right now -presuming you possess four damage towers to be buffed-, a well/forge tower provides an output boost of 60%/120%/400%.  That's four towers with 15%/30%/100% damage boost.  If you have four level 2 quake towers boosted by a single level 3 forge tower, then you are gaining the output of an additional 20,000 gold worth of towers for just 3,650.


In order to match Trickery to this increase in tower DPS output, you would have to make its copy damage 60%/120%/400% for 15 seconds, because it only copies one at a time.  However, this method of damage boost is far more abusable and can be utilized to high effectiveness; and so should probably NOT match the pure DPS boost of a forge/well.  Maybe 50%/100%/300% as a starting point?


The numbers would probably need a lot of testing, but having trickeries transform instead of clogging the field with copies would be a lot easier to manage, and you could do more strategically with positioning because you know where the copy will appear (where you build the trickery tower, essentially).




And while on the subject of a trickery tower re-work: I think the damage of the tower itself should change.


Right now Trickery tower's component elements are both single target damage towers.  There is absolutely ZERO reason to build a trickery tower early game b/c light/dark towers simply outclass it.


I'd like to suggest making Trickery Tower a Very Slow firing, 900 range, huge splash tower.  So 1.5 APS/900 Range/200 (Full) with 400 (Half) splash.


And because Trickery Towers would "Lose" their own DPS for transforming, I think it would be nice if trickery itself sported damage-tower numbers or close to it.  This would certainly make Trickery towers more interesting, because you probably have to think about what to clone, and when.

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I like this, but essentially, what's the difference between adding another said tower? All T3 duals / T2 tri / T3 singles cost the same. The only cost efficient ones are the Periodic Tower, the Pure Element towers (T4), and even so, that's a late game aspect. By then, you'll have plenty of AoE, and cloning those towers would result in much more DPS then trying to change its mid/early-level strats.


In fact, right now, lvl 1 support towers are so buffed, they have the fourth best 500 gold single-target DPS/gold, right behind Nature, Light and Dark. (Bar certain towers at certain thresholds). Go a Light Dark Water, you have access to Poison / Ice towers, all of which have amazing AoE. Go LDF, and there's electricity / magic (Well magic is single-target with range). LDE, and you get Quake / Gunpowder, which are two amazing AoEs. LDN, and you get Life / Disease, which is kinda weird so don't go there.


I would say Trickery Tower as a lvl 15+ tower while you have two other main elements.




Side note: Trickery Tower can be manually casted, so for stages that are harder (aka stages your tower do badly on), you can rush a T2 dual ele / T1 tri ele, and clone it only specifically for that stage. You get that extra 20 seconds of DPS from that tower, which saves you all that gold to allow you to build other towers more necessary / accrue interest.

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