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I am planning to add tips during loading screen time and I'm looking for help! Write down any tips you would like to see being displayed (randomly chosen) during loading, I will choose the best ones and put them on the game. Try to keep them short and concise.


* Sandbox Mode is available for single player lobbies and allows you to easily test towers & builds
* Slows stack multiplicatively, meaning three 10% slows are worse than a single 30% slow
* In All Pick, you can still get Random elements if you -random or use the item on the summoner

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  • Arrow and cannon towers can be sold for 98% of their cost.
  • In random mode towers can be sold for 100% of their cost.
  • Certain elements are stronger/weaker than other elements.
  • Press space to see the different towers you can build as well as their requirements.
  • Pay attention to the element (and ability) of the current and next creep wave.
  • Saving gold increases your interest gold income.
  • The faster you kill a wave the more score points you get.
  • Killing waves quickly gives you less interest gold but simultaneously more score points.
  • Compare yourself against others on the leaderboard: https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/
  • Every 5th wave you gain 1 lumber allowing you to summon an elemental boss.
  • Every tower is unique: One tower increases your life, another one increases your gold.
  • You can exchange lumber for 1 pure essence and gold depending on your current wave.
  • Pure essence allows you to build periodic tower or a fully maxed out elemental tower.
  • Discuss strategies, make suggestions or report bugs on the ETD forum: https://forums.eletd.com/

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  • View the Leaderboard on www.eletd.com
  • Often Quality is better than Quantity
  • The Interest Timer stops at the Boss waves, spend your gold!
  • Don't choose Level 3 Elements too early
  • Each Support Tower can supply 4 Towers with Buffs
  • Got Ideas to make the game better? Join the discussion at www.eletd.com!

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