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[Beta 9b] Tower Review

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This is a review of all multielement towers in 4.0B9b

I had trouble editing this post, so the formating might be messed up. You can read up my findings in proper format here: >> Click here for the txt version. <<

These are my opinions. Feel free to disagree. :)

First I'll tackle the categories in which allmost all towers are the same, to get a smaller table for the rest of my findings.

Ballanceability: It's to early to achive ballance of the map, but what we can try to achieve is, that all towers can be ballanced. This still doesn't guarantee a ballanceable map, but it's a start. Almost all towers are fully ballanceable, only kindle and trickery are problematic. Kindle needs to be changed to non-armour ignoring imo, and trickery is, well, tricky. It has not much to ballance in it, so it might prove a mayor ballance problem.

Uniqueness: All towers but ice/flame and mushroom/hail are very unique. Those pairs feel a bit close to each other. Imo that's good enough.

Now for the towers. The categories are:

Micro - My estimate on how heavy your workload will get with this tower if you know how to play the game (eg. rarely have to micro ice, as you know how to place it).

Looks - Do I (thats me, Cisz) personally like the models for that tower.

Name - Do I personally like the names.

Elemental fit - Do I think the towers elements fit it's name, design, effect, etc..

Status - How I rate the degree of perfection of this tower for purposes of a release in a public beta.

Problems/Bugs - An explanation of any bad ratings I gave this tower, and any things left out to comment (like me expecting the tower to do bad in multiplayer).

- = Duals = -

Nr. Name        Elements          Does        
               l d w f n e                  
1 Trickery    1 1          Copies Towers    
2 Ice         1   1        ST slow and DoT  
3 Electricity 1     1      Bouncing DMG      
4 Life        1       1    Gives Life        
5 Quantum     1         1  Teleports/Bang    
6 Poison        1 1        Line DMG          
7 Magic         1   1      Mana Bonus DMG    
8 Disease       1     1    Killer bees      
9 Gunpowder     1       1  LR Splash        
10 Kindle          1 1      AoE DoT          
11 Well            1   1    Speeds Towers    
12 Hydro           1     1  Stun for splash  
13 Flame             1 1    ST slow/ dmg inc.
14 Blacksmith        1   1  Dmg Inc. Towers  
15 Mushroom            1 1  Speed inc.

Nr. Name       Micro  Looks  Name  mental     Status       Problems/Bugs
1 Trickery    Oh yes Ok     Ok     High      Nearly done  Removed from group on transform; tough to ballance.
                                                           Mirage model a bit to big.
2 Ice         A bit  Ok     Ok     High      Done for now -
3 Electricity Low    Great  Ok     Very High Done for now -
4 Life        Mid    Eurgh  Ok     Very High Nearly done  Change models for level 1 and 3.
5 Quantum     Very   Good   Nearly Ok        Nearly done  The names should be quark, electron, atom. Might be
                                                           useless on multiplayer, as it needs longer than
                                                           other towers to be effective
6 Poison      Low    Hm     Nearly High      Nearly done  Level 3 looks not so hot, corruption is not a good name.
7 Magic       Low    Good   Good   High      Done for now Needs to regenerate it's mana, so it's slower than other
                                                           towers. Maybe bad in MP.
8 Disease     None   Nice   Good   Good      Done for now -
9 Gunpowder   Mid    Hm Hm  Good   Ok        Done for now Long range might be useless in multiplayer.
10 Kindle      Hehe   Ok     Erm    Good      Buggy        Kindle = bad name. Does damage before the upgrade is
                                                           done. Armour ignoring = ballance problem.
11 Well        Yeah   Nearly Ok     Ok        Nearly done  Waterfall model is bad. Maybe bad because of not
                                                           affecting all towers.
12 Hydro       Mid    Cool   Ok     Ok        Done for now Stun, might be a bit abuseable.
13 Flame       Mid    Hm     Good   Ok        Nearly done  The dmg increase might break ruleset about strong
                                                           towers; slow is similiar to ice; lv2 is to transparent.
14 Blacksmith  Yeah   Nearly Ok     Good      Nearly done  Lv.3 looks bad. Maybe bad because of not affecting
                                                           all towers.
15 Mushroom    Low    Cool   Ok     Good      Mostly done  Autocast needs toggle. Might not work on multiplayer
                                                           as it requires longer time to work on full effectiveness.

- = Triples = -

Nr. Name      Elements          Does  
                l d w f n e          
1 Hail         1 1 1       Multishoot boost  
2 Jinx         1 1   1     Teleport back/DMG
3 Oblivion     1 1     1   Summons Minions
4 Laser        1 1       1 Strong on short Rng
5 Windstorm    1   1 1     Tornado/AoE slow  
6 Tidal        1   1   1   Bonus AoE attack  
7 Polar        1   1     1 ST slow and Dmg Inc
8 Nova         1     1 1   AoE Slow/DMG  
9 Gold         1     1   1 Extra bounty  
10 Enchantment  1       1 1 ST Armour Reducer
11 Corrosion      1 1 1     AoE Armour Reducer
12 Drowning       1 1   1   Insta kill  
13 Muck           1 1     1 Splash Slow
14 Voodoo         1   1 1   Dmg Inc.  
15 Flamethrower   1   1   1 Incinerate  
16 Roots          1     1 1 Line based slow
17 Impulse          1 1 1   Strong on long Rng  
18 Zealot           1 1   1 Speed grows
19 Beef Golem       1   1 1 Grows/grunts
20 Quaker             1 1 1 % for AoE Dmg

Nr. Name        Micro  Looks   Name mental Status       Problems/Bugs
1 Hail         Low    Good    Ok   Ok     Mostly done  Autocast needs toggle. A bit like Mushroom. Wastes shoots.
2 Jinx         Some   Ok      Ok   Good   Done for now Technically it's a stun, so it might be abuseable.
3 Oblivion     Indeed No      Ok   Ok     Buggy        Looks a lot worse than summoning; revert look. It spawns
                                                        minions before it's fully upgraded, so it's abusable by
                                                        partial upgrade.
4 Laser        Mid    Hm      Good Ok     Nearly done  Maybe longer range so the tower actually has the chance to
                                                        suck. Lv2 looks bad.
5 Windstorm    Some   Ok      Er   Ok     Nearly done  I haven't heard of „windstorm“ before, maybe „whirlwind“?
                                                        Maybe its just me..
6 Tidal        Some   Ok      Ok   Ok     Done for now I got used to the look, so no complaint this time.
7 Polar        A bit  Ok      Ok   Ok     Done for now -
8 Nova         None   Ok      Good Ok     Done for now -
9 Gold         Some   Good    Ok   Ok     Done for now -
10 Enchantment  Low    Good    Good Ok     Nearly done  Exchange both models, 1st level looks more powerfull atm.
11 Corrosion    Low    Will do Ok   Good   Done for now -
12 Drowning     Low    Ok      Ok   Ok     Done for now Maybe useless in lategame.
13 Muck         Low    Er      Ok   Good   Nearly done  What happened to the much better looks of 3.0?
14 Voodoo       Low    Will do Good Good   Done for now -
15 Flamethrower Low    Will do Ok   Ok     Done for now -
16 Roots        Low    Ok      Ok   Ok     Nearly done  Effect lasts a bit to long, slow effect gets to strong.
17 Impulse      Full   Will do Ok   Ok     Done for now -
18 Zealot       Low    Will do Ok   Ok     Done for now -
19 Beef Golem   Little Ok      Ok   Ok     Done for now -
20 Quaker       Low    Will do Ok   Ok     Done for now Why not use Chaks model suggestion? Less unit models plz.

So - what do you think?

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seems like both of us are trying to get our respective analysis up.. in any case, more opinions would help make a better game, even if there are disagreements on certain points, towers, costs etc ...

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List done, hope the formating worked. If not, I'll repair it later.

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I had trouble editing this post, so the formating might be messed up. You can read up my findings in proper format here: >> Click here for the txt version. <<

pfff. http://pastebin.ca/871820

Formatting was done well, but it still requires a fairly large display for the text not to wrap to the next line.

For anyone without 1280x1024 as their resolution, screenshots:



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