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1v1 Draft Pick League

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Welcome to the Draft Pick #2 League!

The concept is simple. Players take turns selecting the 5 duals and 7 triples he/she would be allowed to build. You cannot pick a tower which your opponent has already chosen. The player who picked last for duals goes first for triples.

The towers you select are the only ones you can build in the game. Triples must be upgraded from one of the duals you have selected. There is no restrictions on elements. You are allowed to pick a tower you cannot build just to deny your opponent that tower.

A sample draft would go as follows:

Duals Draft

Player A 1st: Vapor

Player B 1st: Infrared

Player B 2nd: Forge

Player A 2nd: Well

Player A 3rd: Ice

Player B 3rd: Jet

Player B 4th: Mildew

Player A 4th: Trickery

Player A 5th: Electricity

Player B 5th: Magnify

Triples Draft

Player B 1st: Haste

Player A 1st: Celerity

Player A 2nd: Corrosion

Player B 2nd: Muck

Player B 3rd: Jinx

Player A 3rd: Drowning

Player A 4th: Torrent

Player B 4th: Quake

Player B 5th: Barb

Player A 5th: Laser

Player B 6th: Flooding

Player A 6th: Hail

Player A 7th: Ion

Player B 7th: Flamethrower

Interested? Post your nick and number in this thread!

Once two players sign up, they'll be paired against each other to begin the draft. Matches are based on replay so you do not need to meet online.

When the draft concludes, players would have 168 hours to play the game single player. Game mode would be hard difficulty competitive mode with no other modes. Players can play in mazing mode if agreed upon before the first pick.

When you are satisfied with your replay, PM it to the draft host. Replays can be re-submitted until your time allowed is up. Winner would be decided on 4 categories: pre-fruit networth, lives, fruit points and pre-fruit game time.

Scoring and winning replay

Replay with LOWEST score wins. Final score will the sum of each component below.

Leaks (least to most) : 1,3

Time taken (fastest to slowest) : 1,3

Net worth (highest to lowest) : 1,2

Fruit points (most to least) : 1,2

explanation: eg. for leaks, the replay with the fewest leaks will score one point. Replay with most leaks scores 3 points. in case of ties, all will receive the lower score.

Best/most creative build design, picked by draft host, will have 2 points subtracted from the replay's total score. This condition may not be used if there is a clear winner.

Good luck and have fun! May the best drafter win.

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I want to clarify that this is open to ALL realms. The tournament is replay based so you can play when and where you want.

Depending on turnout, a variety of prizes will be offered. Selection would be from Mousepad, T-Shirt, and Auto Level 20.

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Winner would be decided on 4 categories: pre-fruit networth, lives, fruit points and pre-fruit game time.

How are these factors balanced against one another? What's most important? Fruit points?


Venny #760

I'd like to know more about the parameters before drafting.

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char id is at add friend by character and in the left lower corner is your number.

add my EU ender@355

and US ender@3672

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Want a few days to test the new balance first? or call the draft now?

In either case, the draft thread is already up. Once ready, feel free to start the draft. Good luck and may the best drafter win.

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