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so i talked to US bank.

It doenst look like I will be able to get much of a business loan based on my credit history, but with you as a cosigner that might change things... (i didnt know any of your info besides your name)

also in order to setup the loan you would have to go into a branch near you and fill out an application as well, and they can fax it over to utah to my local branch...

also since this is a business loan we would need to setup an LLC or at least get a business license setup first since the loan would be in the business's name.

sounds like a personal loan with you kara would be easier to setup with the bank, but i doubt we would be able to get anything without some serious collateral

if we approached the bank as a business looking for a loan it sounds like we could get some capital pretty easily, but we need to setup an LLC or something equivalent first...

let me know


to anyone but me and kara reading this, we are looking into getting some money to pay for graphics for the iphone version of the game, so if you know of anyone that has experience then have them contact me @ [email protected]

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