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Element TD 0.2

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You must type -gophers or the game will automatically defeat you at start of wave.

You have access to the following commands:

-level xx (multiboard doesn't update, but this works)

-lives xx

-gas xx

-min xxxx (mineral)

-max (unlock all elements)

-hide (remove UI)

-show (restore UI)


-Reduced model size of focused/refined Nature tower

-Tweaked color tint of wave 36 and 46

-Fixed wave 23 no HP bar

-Tower status/energy bars now show properly

-Tweaked floating text for torrent/tsunami level

-Fixed widths of ronald kills board columns

-Electricity/Voltage/Potential tower bounce buff made hidden

-Fixed an unbuildable area in top left area

-Fixed Ice tower second helix weapon damage error

-Removed next wave icons for level 61

-Fixed towers attacking other player's creeps

-Increased tower missile speed (light etc.)

-Attempted fix for undead wave bug (wave ends early or never ends)

-Added color to interest/pure upgrade message

-Fixed elemental bosses not going away upon death/quit

-Fixed leaderboards (main + ronald) not showing players if people out of order

-Poison/Pollution/Pestilence tower buffed to 0.66 speed, damage scaled to compensate

-Added hotkey "c" to Focus (DF)

-Fixed Focus (DF) autocast range

-Magnify/Amplify/Intensify buffed to 0.66 speed, damage scaled to compensate

-Tweaked Focus (DF) damage for better growth

-Fixed Grim (DN) and Impetus (FNW) instant cooldown bug

-Buffed Grim (DN) to 15/75/375 damage

-Fixed unbuildable areas in top right area

-Added Short, Extra Short, Chaos, Random, All Random, Same Random Modes

-Host difficulty selection is now minimum

-Color now determines start location

-Decay/Death tower tooltip now have proper requirements

-Disabled resource trading (and possibly sharing upon death)

-Dialog menu now waits until all players voted per option

-Added credits tip

-Added element boss trophies


-Fixed leaderboard/ronald board incorrect value update upon player leaving

-Fixed mineral shared amongst players upon leaving

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i would love to test this, unfortunally i dont have Starcraft 2, neither i have conditions to buy it in the upcomming months, i wish you Kara, and all beta testers Good luck, i know the amount of efforts you put through this map, and i love every bit of it.

i hope you can let me have the beta tester title for a bit more time, cause even if i cant play, i love to see the changelogs, and the efforts you are putting on it.

Thank you for this amazing map, Thank you for all the efforts you had put on this, and Thank you for letting me test the map while was still on warcraft 3.

Again GOOD LUCK to you, and everyone helping, i wish you guys go far, and make this one of, if not the best map on Starcraft 2.

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