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proveisso's ongoing list of bugs

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First game ever:

+ SC2 version, LA realm

+ Map version: 0.0?, game hosted by alguemx

+ Very Easy setup

+ Used max, mineral and lives codes. Game ended for me when I used "-lives 100"

+ 2 players

1- FNL1 won't upgrade to FNL2. Allows upgrade, takes money, shows progress, but won't upgrade.

2- Some creeps wouldn't even trigger tower attack.

First "serious" game:

+ SC2 version, LA realm

+ Map version: 0.0?, game hosted by alguemx

+ Very Easy setup

+ no codes used

+ 2 players

1- minerals got "bumped" somewhere along the road. Took some time away from SC2 while playing, came back and there was a LOT more than there should be.

2- pure essences limits only Periodic building, not Elemental Tower's upgrade.

3- Light tower got range nerfed from WC3? I remember L5 on the middle covering almost entire map.

(already answered) 4- Got to level 61 and... no happy ending.

Replay attached. Element Tower Defence.SC2Replay

Second game:

+ SC2 version, LA realm

+ Map version: 0.0, game hosted by alguemx

+ Normal setup

+ no codes used

+ 6 players

1- Defeated/disconnected players' ground isn't cleared. Towers and builder stay.

2- Scoreboard shows only first (red) player's life and worth.

(already being taken care of, in another part of forum) 3- Most tower range seems... bugged.

Third game:

+ SC2 version, LA realm

+ Map version: 0.0, game hosted by alguemx

+ Normal setup

+ no codes used

+ 4 players

1- No bonus for clearing wave first =(

2- Wave 5, 8 doesn't show health bars

3- Magnify (DF) tower won't charge

3- Revive creeps give money when they die both times?

Misc in-game:

- No tower had real names (Drowning, Eternal, etc), always something like a tag "Unit/Name/LW1".

- Same thing for every little single thing around my screen. Even money popups from dead creeps.

- Lot of debug around the screen with those tags.

-- This seemed to be a localization problem, from second game onward towers and everything else looked fine.

+ Scoreboard wasn't "readably" available. I figured after sometime what was my current wave/next wave numbers, and interest timer, but never found out life counter.

+ Plataform for towers on top left of the map won't let all 16 towers "available" to be built. Player 1 has 1 space less on the bottom right of that plataform, Player 2 has 1 space less on the bottom left of that plataform.

+ Typo on message for buying Pure Essence, says "Pure essance upgrade captured" instead of "essence".

+ Deceit tower can acumulate 7 towers at the same time? Dunno if it's a bug... I thought it should keep only one tower at any time.

+ After getting 2 Pure Essences, the Pure Essence button dissapears? 2 is max?

+ Same question for Interest. 3% is max?


+ Magnify/Amplify/Intensify (DF) don't charge

+ Upgrade to Intensify tooltip shows "Charges up each second. Damage is 12..."

+ What's the difference between Disease/Decay/Death? All three abilities say "Damage equal to (Max HP/Current HP)*6"

+ Deceit, Fountain and Factory's range visualizer won't go away when tower is deselected.

+ Well/Spring/Fountain, Forge/Foundry/Factory towers won't autocast?

+ Quark and Radius tower buttons exist, but are disabled.

+ Torrent (LNW) ability tooltip incomplete. Shows 7 out of 10 damage levels.

+ Torrent upgrades to itself instead of Tsunami. Takes money away, shows progress bar, but when completed, won't swap towers.

+ Nova upgraes to itself instead of Supernova. Same as above.

+ Nova attacks even when there are no creeps in range.

+ Flamethrower upgrade button disabled on Magnify tower.

+ After wave 61 is activated, -level command doesn't work.

+ Phasor tower uses 6 "supply"/Pure essence?

- If I didn't oversaw anything, there's 61 towers available now (counting Periodic) - since I'm counting all the buildable ones, not the disabled ones.

- Full tower replay Element Tower Defense LA.SC2Replay

Misc out-of-game:

Map is listed on singleplayer vs. AI - as Karawasa said on shoutbox

Map is listed on multiplayer under Favorites, but when I try to host I get "map is unavailable" error.


Sad to see 2 Darkness-triple disabled, Radius and Flamethrower.


decided to go along the format Jello made ;)

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