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Replay #292 6-element build 74 ronalds

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Good use of building and selling in early game.

Awesome use of slow. Ronalds practically stood still at the bottom right turn for 30 seconds. Only thing is you needed some more AOE to abuse the insane slow tactic.

I reccommend earthshaker EFN instead of fanatics. With your tech and better tower placement for the shakers in mind you could theoretically be getting a lot more kills. Their only weakness is low range therefor tower placement is crucial. Earthshakers have 33% 15k AOE damage potential per attack. With 30% added attack speed those 17 earthshakers (instead of 17 fanatics in your replay) could diss out 11 times this AOE damage per second. Now multiply with +30% damage and then times the seconds they are in attack range... SCARY!

I hope you try this out and let me know how it goes.


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