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Found 1 result

  1. Hi guys, love the work you're still doing after all this time. I've been playing since the beginning (remember rainbow towers and interesting towers?) and had fun helping you with the starcraft version testing a little bit. Anyway I just wanted to say I've been having a great time with the mobile version, I love the double speed and skip to next wave features! Anyway here's my question: I haven't been trying to hard to get a high score till recently and now that I am, I'd like to know more about how they work. I usually do builds that really take their time such as far right side on grove (numpad 6) and slow towers, always making sure to have the creeps make two passes so I get maximum interest, but now I'm wondering if that is helping my score or not. The speed bonus is based on how fast the wave dies, and not if you have the double speed on, right? And if the score awards me for both net-worth and speed, has anyone done any kind of testing to see which provides the bigger score, trying to kil the waves asap versus dragging it on to get more interest ticks? I'm just curious if anyone knows before I do the testing myself.
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