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Found 2 results

  1. Twice now waves have stopped spawning at level 28 (meaning, the 29th wave does not spawn) when playing Normal or Hard and having Express selected with Rush, Chaos and Challenge ticked on. After I noticed that no more waves were spawning, I enabled sandbox and forced the 29th wave to spawn, which it did. The 30th wave could not be spawned.
  2. Here's a video showing how I got 460,000 score on insane difficulty. The general idea is to use Waterfall (water/nature) towers to boost your strong towers' DPS by 90% You eventually get Invocation (nature/light/earth) towers to amplify damage further. Percentage increases in amplification or buffs are very strong when you have a few very strong towers. You will end up with 3 pure element towers that can deal a lot of damage.
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