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Found 1 result

  1. BUFFING SUPPORT TOWERS Arrow and Cannon Towers can be buffed while they are in "planting phase". Can be cloned too, with Trickery. You can have buffed Well, Blacksmith and Trickery aswell. Buff normal Light Tower, upgrade Light Tower to Trickery. Most buffs and debuffs resets when you go to "upgrade phase". In theory you can have infinite amount of towers with unlimited buff duration, only using one support tower. Using upgrade - cancel trick. DISAPPEARING TOWERS Happens when tower is in "upgrade phase" and you change builder. HOW TO GET FREE TRIPLE ELEMENT CLONES OUT OF LEVEL 1 DUALS Click Trickery's ability. Use TAB or control group to select your level 1 dual element tower. Use hotkey of the upgrade you want to clone. Dual element tower goes into "upgrade phase", click it. Cancel the upgrade. Build the dual element tower to something else.
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