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  1. 16 minutes ago, Thunderbolt said:

    tbh I find this rather unlikely considering how much the hitpoints of the frogs go up. the last creep he leaked of the first wave already intermingled with the 2nd wave and of that wave also slipped through. so it must have been wave 3? sounds rather impossible. if you cant even kill wave 1 and then wave 2 and 3 also intermingle, I dont see how this could have happened (with the current builds at the top of the leaderboard). also, his score went up to 979 after the last 2 frogs of wave one leaked and also few ones of wave 2 jumped leaked as well.

    I have to say though that I also have seen another wave having been said to be cleared (dunno if it was with rush?), its not Ive never seen this message. but I doubt that this is correct in insane chaos rush with the current builds.

    also comes down to the repel (or whatever its called) timing. i have the DPS but when the repel comes up, ill leak the 1 or 2 frogs

  2. As you might already know, the current rush choas insane build is the water and nature 33 rush. But i find myself always having trouble clearing the nature elemental when i hit my 6th upgrade point. Any help with that? I can kill it half the time but I find like it takes a lot luck cause if the wave has the heals when a creep die, or if i get a fire wave, i usually wouldnt be able to ever kill it. 

  3. 25 minutes ago, Thunderbolt said:

    alright, now I really think something must be wrong. the guy at 3rd place (haHAA) also had 952k after round 55. he didnt finish OSfrog wave one, because from what I saw he leaked at least 2 creeps of that wave (with 9XXk hitpoints). few second later, his score went up to 979 though. when the game ended, his score suddenly was 993, with 57 frogs killed.

    in my last game I started with 954K after round 55 and cleared the first boss wave. my score went up to 977k for that. this is for some reason less than he got (for not

    Erm you may not necessarily kill the first wave of Ice frog, in my playthrough, i somehow cleared wave 3 of icefrog instead of the first wave so that may explain why he got more points. im #17 though because of that 1 wave

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