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  1. That's how the damage dealt within the first 2.5s after the curse is applied gets amplified. Damage dealt within the second 2.5s period gets an X*X amplification and just an X amplification on the damage dealt in the third period, so on average a Hex tower amplifies by a factor of 1.729 and a Jinx tower by a factor of 1.214. Once the curse is applied it cannot be renewed until it runs out so the positioning of your Jinx/Hex towers relative to the majority of your damage is important -- you don't want to apply it in advance.

  2. It's not just the Runic tower itself that is strong, but 1150 range towers in general that can be built in several crazy good positions.


    Lasers are really good against lone targets, but you can't build only lasers so I don't think they restrict the build order much.

  3. I like pretty much everyone of those changes. Looking forward to the new patch. I'm not sure if Tidal towers really are overpowered though, their popularity atm definitely has more to do with how well they fit into the nature tower strategy than with their own strength.

  4. 22 hours ago, Noya said:

    This is changing in the next update, I'm sure for the better. @WindStrike will be making a thread explaining the changes shortly and a day or two before the change, so you can prepare/give final feedback before the leaderboard reset :)

    There's still a +1 missing on the difficulty bonus  in ScoringObject:GetGameCleared(), on so you'll get too little score for the frogs in the wave you die on. This happens even without rush.

  5. Default targeting is incredibly infuriating in pretty much every scenario where you aren't able to instantly kill the creeps as they arrive. Once a creature gets past your towers they will actively avoid targeting it and thus allowing it to leak. This is particularly annoying against shield mobs as those are harder to manually target down and they also force your towers to chose new targets more often.


    Suggestion: Towers (at least single target ones) should target the creep that has gotten the furthest into maze. One easy way to implement this would be to assign a number to each creep representing the order in which it spawned and then defaulting to the creep with the lowest number. This would also be very useful for clearing frog waves on rush. Quark towers could do the opposite as that likely would let them stick on the same target for a longer time.


    Edit: This should go into the Dota 2 section, not mobile.

  6. The leaderboards say that he cleared wave 56 so his first score jump was from completing the wave, his second from his remaining frog kills. Note that neither speed nor clean bonuses apply to frogs so leaking some and killing them on your second try will give you just as much score as killing them on your first try.


      local remainder = frogKills % 30
      extraFrogScore = remainder * 100 * self:GetBossBonus(playerData.bossWaves-1) * self:GetDifficultyBonus()


    I do however think that the way the score is calculated for any remaining frog kills looks suspect. First of all, if I kill more than 30 frogs without cleaning a full wave not all of them will count. Second, rush bonus is not applied. Third, a 1 should be added to the difficulty bonus before multiplying.


    Also, if anyone knows how to paste code with proper formatting, please let me know.

    • Erosion towers both apply their curse in an aoe, and in an aoe around every target hit so a single target gets multiple curse instances from every shot. Every leaderboard player except for the obvious abuser is using them atm.
    • Ice frogs do not grant score. This seems intended but is not in the patch notes and is also an awful design choice imo.
    • This game crashed after ~160 frog kills and insta crashed again every time I tried to reconnect. I was not having any lag before I crashed. This happened again in a later game.
    • When you sell a tower with grid mode on, no grid is displayed on the sold tower's location.


    12 hours ago, RCDM38 said:

    Is it possible to hide games on the recent activity list?

    I tried looking up the #1 player on express, but in his recent activity it didn't show any ele td.

    Custom games does not show up in the match list per default. You need to change your display settings first:


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