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  1. So far i havent noticed anything that anyone else hasnt pointed out already. i would however like to note that when playing in the lanes which have water its becomes increasingly harder to see the creeps. I know its just cosmetic but i always means i want to play certain lanes.

    shall play ALOT tonight as i have tomoro off so will edit my post if need be

  2. if you can be online at 9:30-10pm EST id be greatly appreciative or if anyone who gets the game off Maverck be online as i wont be home till then from work :(

    and also thanks alot for hosting!

  3. hi i just registered today but ive been playing Ele TD for at least 18 months haha. i absolutely love this map me and my friends still play it to this day!.

    if you need any beta testing in Australia i can guarantee me and my friends would be able to give great feedback! (we all have sc2 - Legit copies)

    if not then we cant wait for the release either way. we still play the wc3 map at least 4 times a week haha.

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