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  4. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/matches/4767763241 Try this strategy! 942k score and 0.3 percentile!
  5. Continued along the lines of building towers. I achieved a new score of 900k and I'm now 0.3% on the 1.17 version. https://hatinacat.com/leaderboard/matches/4767763241 These scores are actually valid compared to all the toplist ones who where cheaters in 1.16!
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  7. We did not build the mobile version to support translations. However, we are definitely going to support translations for Element TD 2.
  8. Honestly not much, before the cheating began, in the Dota 2 version 3m with a benchmark of a few thousand separated the top ten; then people started cheating and you see crazy scores now. Realistically there are two fundamental approaches to getting there: 1st method picking 3 elements and taking them to level 3 and using the final two points for a 4th element taken to level 2, there are different builds and options for this. some of the more popular ones are: massing gold towers upgrading them as needed, and saving until the first boss wave and then building a lot of level 3 single element towers. going for nature water light with some selling on certain key levels to upgrade key towers to prevent leaks, relying on life towers to prolong your lives. doing a trickery tower strat with hail towers maximizing the range of the hail towers and upgrading them as needed with level three ices towers for slowing 2nd method utilizing six elements with different building strategies: one of each element and and level 2 light and dark for better trickery towers and using remaining lumber to purchase periodic towers, I believe you get four with this method and can make any tower you want with them which opens a lot of possibilitie. one of each element and level 3 in two specific elements allowing you to spend one additional lumber on a periodic tower or get one other element to level two which also has many options. these are obviously not the Only strategies available just the most common ones you will see in videos and while playing with others online, beyond the usual people who have no idea what they are doing and just make random stuff with no clear idea how to maximize what they are building. There are also other strategies for speed for higher early scores but suffer later and don’t get very far on frog waves. Strategies that use interest gold, strategies that use specific tower interactions, strategies that rely on slows, strategies that rely on level 4 elemental towers, etc. ultimately dont worry about about your score on the global scale, the global scoreboard is full of cheaters and it’s been proven several times that because of the scaling health even if you went into god mode, filled the map with nothing but the best towers, you still could not end up with the scores those people achieved on the leaderboard in the levels they “supposedly” got to. The developers have already stated they have no intention of fixing the bugs that allow the illegitimate scores that are already up there because they are focusing on the new element TD 2 stand alone game, which is supposed to be easier to program and fix the kind of bugs that allow the current cheats in this version. If you really want to beat a score just keep experimenting and trying to beat your own:)
  9. I totally forgot this forum existed But yeah I will try your strategy
  10. I have several times tried to create the best combo. I have tried getting 3 3 3111, 2-2-2-1-2-2 etc. My best comes from 222-111 and two mangoes. It is most important that you get the final tower and as many as you can. Second advice is to build slow tower to accommodate their damage. It is hard because then i get to little damage and lose lives before i get super tower but in my best estimate i had 10 lives by the time i for my first super tower at 40 or 45 and made it to lvl 7 frogs.
  11. Hello! Are these rankings based on the dota 2 version because its almost impossible to improve. I have 780k score and am 3.4k rank. What do you think can be expected of this score? /Frogkiller
  12. Wish add more Languages. Specially Traditional Chinese. love you.
  13. You don't receive gold after you clear 55. The waves after that are considered boss waves, increasing in strength as a final test of your defense. Every player will eventually fail. In the classic multiplayer custom maps (war3/sc2/dota2), this serves as a final elimination to determine a game winner.
  14. Here are 2 more screen shots that show another level. Score still rising but gold is stagnant.
  15. I was playing on level 57 of the mobile version and for some reason I stopped making any gold. It has been at exactly 4100 gold since the start of level 57. I was attempting to upgrade the water tower at the bottom next to the black Smith to 4, and gold just stopped producing. You can see in the screen shot that I'm earning more points by killing creeps, but gold is not increasing. I guess I'm going to play for as long as I can without any income but this is weird. I'm on a galaxy S8
  16. Since the Update 7.21c the Hail Tower is not "clickable" anymore after building it. I found a workaround for those who're struggling with that: Just press tab until Hail is selected. Eeletd for dota 2 is probably not going to be updated anymore, so i guess this workaround is your only chance.
  17. could you please fix the game mode bug that quite often normal difficulty and all other modes gets selected despite votes have been differently? even when just playing a game alone and I vote just hard difficulty and nothing else Ill get normal, chaos, rush etc. mode thanks
  18. The OP is long gone I suspect but I'm actually planning to do this for Element TD 2 . Good idea! @StROnGh3ARt
  19. Just to clarify, 3D in the same sense as WC3/SC2/Dota 2. I wouldn't consider any of those 2D... That's an interesting perspective but one that I must respectfully disagree with. Being a custom game is marginalizing for the exact reason that you describe as charm. We have more than enough content to offer for a standalone. We welcome the higher expectations.
  20. happy to hear you continue working on the game. but is 3d or the standalone factor really desirable? imho most of the charme comes from being that nice 2d custom game which is part of dota. once it becomes standalone and 3d & stuff it becomes situated elsewhere and there are higher expectations towards the graphics, the game itself etc.
  21. Haha I totally understand where you're coming from. No need to worry though, we're not Blizzard here! The focus is exclusively on Element TD 2. Standalone. 3D. Multiplayer. Steam. Rejoice.
  22. what, why? you are not seriously ditching the dota version in favour of the mobile one? Id never play a game on such a small screen, without mouse and shitty graphics.
  23. I can verify this is an issue, I've tried to get max level rainbow defense on mobile several times and it never seems to qualify. I've tried different maps, and one time I even built one of every T1 tower at once to try and get it. I've got it unlocked for hard, but can't get it past that for some reason. I was able to get pure suicide though, although it was a long time ago.
  24. We aren't supporting the Dota 2 version anymore .
  25. toggle grid also doesnt work any more. there is no grid at all. could you please fix this, too? thank you guys
  26. You're not the first to ask that . It's quite possible that a recent Dota 2 update has broken it. @WindStrike can you confirm/deny this?
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