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Element TD 1.26

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Prepare for a wall of buffs!


-Fixed errors with level 61
-Buffed Earth Tower to 18 damage from 15
-Buffed Water Tower to 9 damage from 7
-Tweaked Ice Tower (LW) to 10 range from 12 (really a buff)
-Buffed Spore (EN) to 35 damage from 30
-Buffed Perpetual Tower (LN) to 22 damage from 20
-Buffed Laser Tower (DEL) to 7 interceptors from 6
-Buffed Obliteration Tower (DLN) to 400 damage from 360
-Buffed Obliteration Tower (DLN) auto-reload to 2 second cast from 3, nerfed manual reload to 16 second CD from 12
-Buffed Orbit (DFL) to 200 damage from 180
-Fixed Radius Tower (DFL) orbit path being off center
-Buffed Gaia's Wrath (DEN) to 40 damage per second from 30
-Buffed Muck Tower (DEW) to 200 damage from 150
-Buffed Jinx Tower (DFN) to 600 damage from 440
-Buffed Erosion Tower (DFW) to 40 damage per second from 33
-Buffed Incantation Tower (ELN) to 70 damage from 60
-Buffed Polar Tower (ELW) to 200 damage from 150
-Buffed Explode (FLN) to 75 damage from 60
-Buffed Particle Field (FLW) to 40 damage per second from 30
-Fixed a minor placement error for area orange (Mazing)
-Removed Radius Tower beam effect (cosmetic for performance)
-Reduced Earth Tower effect size (cosmetic for performance)
-Reduced Vapor Tower effect size (cosmetic for performance)
-Tweaked Ice Tower effect speed (cosmetic for performance)




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Nice! Laser, polar, and Muck sure needed it I think.



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Holy crap, I just noticed how low polar's damage is. It's single-target damage just like Jinx, yet it's 1/3 the damage output. A difference of 2 range shouldn't warrant a difference that huge.

Nice job on the buffs otherwise. I feel a lot less screwed now on random mode, and my god water is awesome now. I haven't gotten the chance to try them all out, but the ones I have tried are noticeable.

EDIT: Woops, thought it was a single-target when it's AoE. My bad, ignore that, lol.

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